We specialize in total dedication to the health and care of all our dogs and puppies.
Your puppy may be nervous when delivered to you. He/she is no longer experiencing familiar sounds and smells. This experience will pass shortly.
Nervousness or change of diet may cause diarrhea. We strongly recomend and insist that you will continue feeding the feed we have weaned your puppy on.
We feed Purina Pro Plan Focus  Small Breed puppy dry food and Cesar puppy wet. 
We send a baggie of feed with the puppy, we recomend  continuing to feed this food.
During the first 2 weeks of getting the puppy home, give the puppy a little time to rest each and every day. They need "Time Out" daily and sometimes you have to make it so.
If you have small children wanting to play with the puppy, you must teach them that the puppy needs time to itself and rest as an infant does.

        ALWAYS  HAVE FOOD AND WATER AVAILABLE 24/7 for your puppy.

Getting Your Puppy Home